Wild Card Wins

At The Table

Using just a deck of cards and this master key implement quick and easy low pressure techniques at your table to get your little ones trying new foods and engaging at mealtimes!

Wild card wins at the table


Get a key of 54 unique ways to add excitement and novelty to the mealtime experience. Pull a card from a deck of cards and look up the corresponding wild card win on this printable pdf key and get a brand new way to get your little one excited about meals! (deck of cards not included; pdf download will be emailed to you immediately)

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What's the wild card effect?

Novelty is magic

Adding novelty to snack and mealtimes is an incredible way to get your little one excited about mealtimes and can also help them try new foods without adding any pressure! Keep it fresh with 54 novel ideas to use at the table!

Just add cards

All you need is a deck of cards. Right before you serve your little one pull a card, any card - find the corresponding novelty idea on the printable and follow suit! These ideas are so simple and take little to no time to implement! You can start tonight!


  1. What ages is this best for?

    This product works best for kids 14 months and above (some safety modifications may need to be made)

  2. What will I receive?

    You will get an email after you complete payment with the downloadable attached in pdf format. I recommend you print this out and keep it handy near the kitchen. This DOES NOT include a deck of cards. Nothing will be shipped to you.

  3. What if an activity doesn't work or doesn't apply to that meal?

    It's ok! The best thing we can do for our little ones is keep things fresh - if they don't eat or even engage with the food even when using these techniques that's ok! It takes time! Switching it up regularly helps with keeping things exciting! If the activity doesn't apply to the food you're serving just simply replace the card into your deck, shuffle and pull again.

  4. How often do you recommend using the Wild Card Wins?

    I recommend using them as often as you'd like! If it ever seems to loose it's magic put it away for a few weeks and then bring it back out or start adding your own!

  5. Does this work for kids with allergies?

    Yes, this tool is not food specific they are ideas that can work with almost all foods you offer.

  6. Does this replace working with a registered dietitian or feeding therapy?

    No, this is just a fun tool to implement that would compliment feeding therapy well! If you're interested in working with me get on the waitlist for my Table Talk picky eating program opening soon!