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I'm here to help you raise confident eaters. I'm a registered dietitian, mama of two, and lover of all things food. I am passionate about helping you build a toolbox that makes mealtimes less stressful, expands your little's accepted food list while preserving their ability to listen to their bodies. I strongly believe the best way we can do this is together, so thank you mama for being here!

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Food Allergies Have Doubled: Here’s what you can do

Did you know the number of food allergies have DOUBLED over the last generation?! I know as a parent food allergies can be a scary topic but it’s also important because there is so much we can do to help food allergies from developing If you’ve heard me talk about food allergies then you’ve probably […]

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3 things I wish I did differently!

We learn from mistakes, right? I am about to share 3 things I wish I did differently with my kiddos and hope you can learn from them too. 👀 Firs thing is first – IF YOU ARE FEEDING your kids, you are doing it RIGHT. However, there is always room for growth, right? Here is […]

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Getting your partner on board!

A lot of you voice to me that you struggle implementing some of the things I recommend because your partner or spouse can come in at the last minute – and it seems like – undo everything you just set up. 🤯 The reason I can paint this picture so well is because it’s happened in […]

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When To Worry 😟

Often I hear mom’s say, “My child won’t eat ANYTHING.” As a practitioner when I hear this I have to assume that if they are eating absolutely nothing – no food is passing through their body – there is room to be concerned. Call your child’s pediatrician immediately! Now that that is out of the […]

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Want your picky eater to get excited about a new food? Read this!

Kids are curious by nature, it’s how they learn about this world around them… it’s also what leads to the dreaded “why” question over and over and over again 🙃 So let’s use that to our advantage. Find ways to get their curiosity rolling. Help get into the role of being an explorer, investigator, or […]

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When to say, “NO!”

I feeeeel you, mama! Sometimes you just want to say “no!” I am a big advocate and talk a lot around here about saying yes. “Yes!” to having some more broccoli, “yes!” to more chicken, and even “yes!” to more dessert. But the question is when do we say no? At what point do they […]

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Is Your Baby Ready for a Meal and Snack Schedule?

Is your baby interesting in solid food? Ready to start trying to have more consistent meal times? The number one tip I have for you is to feed responsively. This means paying attention to your little ones cues of when they are still hungry, when they want more food, and when they have decided that […]

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

I love gift giving, like a lot. Kids have made it MUCH harder for me to find time to THINK. I was going to add to that sentence but in reality that’s the truth – it’s harder to think. Which means it’s harder to think of gifts for people I love. But it’s important to […]

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Curried Cauliflower Bowl with Creamy Curry Sauce

So it all started when I was born… I remember those days well. JK – did I get you?! I HATE recipe pages that start with stories from childhood!! Anyone else just scroll past? Yup me too. So I’m gonna get right to it and share this killer recipe that I made the other night […]

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Picky eating troubles? Mash it up!

Most little ones LOVE mashed potatoes. If yours does, good news! You can bridge your little one’s love of mashed potatoes to loving broccoli! Try mashing it up! Add steamed broccoli to your potatoes before you mash them to create a creamy, smooth, yummy side dish for any meal. Picky eater tip: Start with only […]

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I need more sleep oats

Alright mama, I have been soooooo tired every morning and I am READY to get on top of it. I am just realizing this is likely due to day light savings time but my kids are waking up SO early and are immediately hungry. I get really overwhelmed sometimes in the idea of making a […]

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Advent calendar | Acts of kindness

A year or two ago I decided to swap out our advent daily candy to an act of kindness. I wanted the month leading up to the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus to be filled with gratitude for what we have and daily reminders to find little ways to give. If you’re interested […]

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How to get your partner on board with your feeding strategy

A lot of you reach out to me and tell me that you do all this work at the table to help keep the pressure low and get your kid interested in their plate for it all to be ruined when your partner comes in and says something like “you need to eat your broccoli […]

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A Gift Giver’s Gift Guide

Wooooow I clearly loved putting together this list. I hope you enjoy! These ideas are all tried and true and LOVED. There are some absolute favorites that have been given and/or received. For the kids, the toys we love are all that support independent play and keep them entertained for aaaawhhhille. Hope this list helps […]

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Division of Responsibility; quickest way to peaceful mealtimes

Feeding kids can be a challenge. How would you feel if I told you I can help create more peace during mealtimes? How would you feel if I told you I can take the stress out of mealtimes> If I told you I could help avoid the daily throw down matches over how many bites […]

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Menu Planning From a Seasoned Pro (see what I did there?)

Happy Monday all. Oh wait, it’s not Monday… oh man since I started staying at home with the kids my days all blend and meld together. I hardly know what month it is let alone what day it is… Josh and I were just talking about how in an office you have funny sayings to […]

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Learning to Listen When the Noise is Deafening

Hey Mama, you in the trenches with me? I’ve got a three year old and a two month old. It’s hard to remind myself to focus on me right now. It’s hard not to let my needs slip one more tick down the totem pole. It’s hard to hear my own body’s cues over the […]

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Introduction to Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating (IE) is a nutrition philosophy developed by two RDs, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch – they coined the term and put out a book outlining the principles. There are 10 principles in total: Reject the diet mentality Honor your hunger Make peace with food Challenge the food police Respect your fullness Discover the […]

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Intuitive Eating While on Vacation

Is it just me or is coming home from vacation one of the hardest things to do? I mean I love coming back to my own bed, being reunited with my pup and waking up to the smell of my very own fresh coffee, but coming back to the reality of daycare, chores, work, the […]

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Intuitive Eating While Pregnant

Here I am, 22 weeks pregnant with my second baby on the way. This time around is a little different than with our first. First of all, baby is a GIRL! So exciting because who doesn’t love a new challenge?! Second of all, I am MUCH further along in my intuitive eating journey during this […]

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